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Sprint 3 Retrospective

At the end of last week,  we finally conclude our third sprint in our development process of the LibreFoodPantry, aiming at a deloyable environments so that they all are isolated in their own space. This is also our last sprint so we tried our best to wrap it up as much as possible, so that the team after us can easily pick up from where we left off. We were able to work together more this time, comparing to us having to separately work on our own stuff in the previous sprint. We finally got a working, operational and deployable user interface as well as a fully implemented, buildable and deployable backend system with REST API and mySQL database. We were also able to adapt with the online communication and worked more effectively with each other. List of what we accomplished during the last sprint:        - Successfully integrate Docker into frontend UI and the REST API, allows them to communicate with the existing mySQL container with configurable parameter in config.json file (

Learn How You Fail

The pattern that from Apprenticeship Pattern that I read for this week is “Learn How You Fail”. The chapter mainly talks about how to identify our own problem during the development process and seek to fix it in order to get better. I really like what the author said within the context. Failure is inevitable and people who has never failed would either stay in their comfort zone and avoid going over the boundaries, or they have overlooked and ignore their mistake all along. This holds true to me since I have done multiple personal projects that requires me to constantly make mistake and discover what is needed to be done for even a single line of code to work. It is pretty obvious that errors will push ourselves to find out what works and what does not, give us a space to fully explore the capacity of the technology so that we will not make a same mistake later on. Moving on to the problem, he states that the learning skills may bring us success, but there are weakness and failur