Reflect as you work

For this week Apprenticeship Pattern, I chose to read about “Reflect As You Work”. When I read the title, my first thought is that this habit is pretty necessary, but it should not be too hard to have a chapter dedicated to it and turns out I was entirely wrong about it. The pattern starts with putting out the question of whenever a developer can consider themselves as “experienced” and how would that process be in order to reach that destination. The author then went straight to the point to explain how just reflecting our own work would be a best way for us to gain more experience. He explains several techniques like making a Personal Practice Map, which would involve writing down all the practices that we do during the development process and share with others, and mimic what they do in order to be better in the field. I think this particular technique would greatly help a lot of new developers in the field who does not know what to expect when developing and would end up doing what they think is the best without having a chance to consult everyone about that decision. The author also mentioned that this reflecting would involve a lot of observation on the practices and the processes of journeyman and master craftsman on the team, which I would say highly beneficial for everyone, not just the newcomers. He also gave out some examples of practices that was not discussed before, but then becoming more popular as everyone has proven it to be a lot useful. The author then concluded that people would start called us experienced if we hang on long enough and it should not be our goal to earn that title. Experienced should mean that we survive through long enough and our dedication to exploring, not necessarily how much we learned. He also made a really good point that anti-experience, or developing bad habit, can also happen too and we have to keep that in mind to set out goal to be “skilled”, not “experience”. This I would say the best thing I’ve read in patterns so far, since it is directly related to what I am doing as to earn the same amount of experience as anti-experience while doing personal projects alone, without any guidance of any journeyman or master craftsman. I can say that I do learn quite a lot from this pattern and I certainly would keep in mind these suggestions that the author made.


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