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Sprint 1 Retrospective

At the middle of last week, our team finally concluded our first sprint, working on user approving system for the LibreFoodPantry. Overall, I think our team did pretty good on doing a lot of initial setups and communicating with other teams to make sure we can have a consistency on data across databases. For me personally, I did quite a lot of work on setting up repositories, researching on making the back-end database, and helping my teammate, as well as people from other teams on the problems that they have that are related to our module. List of what I accomplished during the last sprint: - Setting up repositories, including  ApproveGuestWebUI ,  ApproveGuestService , and  isApprovedWebUI , which regarding to tasks like forking from templates, enforcing rules for making changes to the source code, and informing the team about that policy. - Researching about how mySQL database can be initialized on Docker containers, import - export existing mySQL container for future usage, a