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Why proxy pattern?

You probably heard or saw the term "proxy" multiple times in your browser or your OS, and just like me, you did not know what it means or what does it do. In computer science, that is a term to describe a design pattern and I think it is one of the most interesting design pattern. It is such a simple concept, yet effective and it has been used by a lot of developers, especially in the field of networking. This week blog is based on  this article . For starter, according to the Gang of Four, proxy pattern is categorized as Structural design pattern. Its purpose is to act as a simple wrapper for another objects. In other word, the proxy object can be directly accessed by user and it can perform its own logic or configuration changes required by the underlying subject object without having to give the direct access to the subject . By using this pattern, it offers both developers and users the advantages. This pattern is used when commonly used to hide the internal structure a

Comparing REST and SOAP, which one should you use?

For this week blog post, I will write about the basic and differences between REST APIs and SOAP. Some people would say one is better than another, but that statement, for me I think, is incorrect because each protocol does have its own advantages to make use of and of course, there would also be a lot of annoying disadvantages that we all have to deal with. For this blog, I will have my information based on  this article . Firstly, I would go through a quick overview for both protocol. For stater, they both provide an answer to a same question, that is how to access to web services. SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It has been around for a while and originally designed by Microsoft. While Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and Common Object Request Broker Architecture (COBRA), which are old technologies, fail because it rely on binary messaging, SOAP is designed to replace them as it works better over the internet. SOAP was initially released and submitted to In