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A simple design principle

This week blog will be talking about DRY design principle and it will be based on  this article . These principles are really useful for software development yet there are still quite a lot of people tripping over it. A bit background about DRY. DRY stands for Don't Repeat Yourself . It is really simple but important to understand. It is essentially know as a philosophy that packages the logic into representation. This design principle has been known for a long time and its acronym is mentioned in the book  The Pragmatic Programmer , which is published in 1999. The concept of DRY wouldn't be a big of a deal when you are writing a small program, a code snippet or a short script. However, when it comes to a big software project, not applying this principle would not only cause a lot of problems but also can waste resources and increase the length and complexity to your programs, and all of these would lead to the increasing requirement of your clients' machine. Besides, it