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Designing the code is more important than you thought

Personally, I always think that the design phase of a program is very important and it should be done almost immediately after I started setting up my git project. Like all other new developers, at first, when me and my cousin were working on an Android project, we thought it would be just a waste of time. Surely after a month, it started to really fall apart as we have all sort of problems like our implementations does not work well together with a lot of lengthy methods that is definitely not necessary to be that complex, and we even used some dependencies that are obsoleted just to make another piece of code compatible with the situation. We learned our lesson and from then, we developed a habit to jot down some idea and implementation to at least let each other and ourselves how we would carry out the project. I actually found  this article  months ago and I think it's already pretty neat, so I decided to write my blog this week based on it. For a start, this article


Hello everyone, I'm Khoa Nguyen and this is my blog where I would document about what I find really interesting about computer science while learning it and doing my personal projects. I'm looking forward to having a wonderful experience after writing this blog.